What We Do:


The Green Star Championship

The Launch Box holds a contest to see who has the best idea to reduce food waste! There are 2 groups eligible for the competition; Students K to Grade 7, and Students Grade 8 to Grade 12. The Grand Prize for the winner of each group is $300! Runner-up gets $150 and Third place gets $50 with honorable mentions also receiving cash prizes! This is a great way to earn experience helping in the community and earn some money at the same time! Click the button below for full contest rules and entry! 


Comic Book Series

The Quest to Include Food is a comic book series chronicling the food rescue adventures of Empress Eggplant, Captain Carrot and more. Click the button to download the first edition for free. 


Information Distribution

Browse our favorite infographics, watch our favorite pieces on waste and waste management, listen to our favorite songs and read informative news articles. Click the button below to learn about food waste!